You Deserve A Better Home.

Shine elevates your bathroom experience with automatic cleaning and intelligent water monitoring.

The bathroom hasn’t changed in over 100 years. Until now.

Hands-Free Toilet Bowl Cleaning

No more rubber gloves or harsh chemicals.

Automatically Deodorizes Bathroom

No more messy sprays or being self-conscious.

Detects Leaks to Save You Money

Get notified before a leak becomes a bigger problem.

The Old Way: Your Current Bathroom

Today's Bathroom Drains Your Time and Your Wallet

1 in
toilets has a Silent Leak affecting your water bill
The average number of colony-forming units (CFU) of bacteria per square inch on your toilet.
How much gets added to your water bill in a year by a small silent leak
Average repair cost to clean up and repair a bathroom after a flood

Today's bathroom is not a place of comfort and care. We're dealing with embarrassing smells, harsh chemicals, and costly silent leaks.

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Costly Leaks

Leaks are a drain on your wallet and the environment. Household leaks waste 1 Trillion Gallons of water every year.

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Damaging Floods

Bathroom floods can cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

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Hands-On Cleaning

You're getting up close and personal with harmful bacteria and harsh cleaning chemicals.

The Shine Way: Future of the Bathroom

Introducing the Shine Bathroom Assistant

Hands-Free Cleaning

Keeps your toilet bowl clean without getting your hands dirty. No more rubber gloves or harsh chemicals.

Automatically Deodorizes

Keeps your bathroom smelling clean by deodorizing after each flush. No more messy sprays or being self-conscious.

Easy Maintenance

With a 6-month battery life and easy to replace cleaning pods, the Bathroom Assistant keeps it simple.

Shine Bathroom Assistant

Active Water Intelligence™

Monitors water usage and proactively alerts you in the event of a silent leak to save you money.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Uses a pet and kid-safe solution that's non-toxic, free of harsh chemicals, but also tough enough to get the job done.

Quick & Easy Install

The Bathroom Assistant is fully-compatible with your current toilet, and installs in just minutes.

6 Month Battery Life

Up to 6 months of battery life with a removable battery that is easily recharged with an included cable.

App-Managed Automation

Use your smartphone or tablet to manage your Bathroom Assistant preferences.

Designed to Elevate

The Bathroom Assistant was designed by award-winning industrial designers to elevate your bathroom.

Alexa Enabled

"Alexa, ask Shine to clean the toilet," will become your new favorite way to keep your toilets clean.

Early Leak Detection

Our AWI platform tracks water usage and notifies you of leaks early to save you money.

Eco-Friendly Pods

Our cleaning pods are made out of recycled material and contain a non-toxic cleaning formula that is activated by electrolysis.

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